Saturday, April 17, 2010

Interview Shoot – Ryan Agoncillo


This was one of my interview shoots last year for S Magazine.  Gabby Libarios and I went to Bgy. TaƱong in Marikina for the location shoot of “George & Cecil” – one of ABS-CBN’s prime time sitcoms.


It was supposed to be an interview with Ryan Agoncillo but I took the chance to take shots of Judy Ann Santos and Gladys Reyes, seen here practicing their lines.






This photo of Ryan enjoying fishballs (the street kind, not the one that’s home-cooked..hehe) evoked memories of UP Diliman days, together with isaw and other stuff they only feature in Fear Factor :)


More photos of this good-looking actor-host.







A few days after this interview, Ryan & Judy Ann were wed in intimate ceremonies in a beautiful church in Batangas, untypical of the fanfare that usually goes with showbiz weddings.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

18th Birthday - Niqui Leong

Niqui (003)

Niqui is the eldest daughter of Ali and Nanique (pastoral leaders in Ligaya Ng Panginoon Community), and I got this *gig* after Nanique saw family photos I posted in my personal blog.  Her request  -- nice photos of the debut, which turned out to be an easy task when your debutante is a gorgeous as Niqui is.

Though she didn't prefer the usual preps shots, good thing she graciously agreed for these poses.

Pwedeng pang-billboard sa EDSA di ba? J

Niqui (013)

or sa C-5.  J

Niqui (147)

 Niqui (127)

The party is Luau-inspired and bronze color-themed, which Ali, in his message to Niqui, explained is the color you get when you spend time sunbathing.  His prayer is that Niqui will also get "bronzed" in her spiritual life, immersing herself in the grace of our Lord.  Many Amens to that.

The yummy bronze-colored cake.

Niqui (020) 

Here's mom Nanique making sure things are in order - always having a personal touch, down to lighting Niqui's cake.

Niqui (228)

More photos of our beautiful debutante.

Niqui (071)

Niqui (238)

Niqui (243)

Ali & Nanique, all smiles after sharing their message for Niqui.

Niqui (102)

Some of Niqui's friends who attended the celebration.

Niqui (175)

Niqui (195)

Niqui (355)

Cosette, Niqui's little sister.

Niqui (337) 

Niqui (030)

First dance with Ali (and there's Cosette wanting to dance as well). 

Niqui (287)

With family friends.

Niqui (300)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

We’re back !

It’s been a long time since our last post after having had upload problems, but we’re back !  Finally. :)

So here we are posting a few photos of a recent event to check if the problems have been resolved.  If you are reading this, then all is well.   Yehey !

We covered a birthday celebration at a Makati hotel recently and here are some familiar faces we managed to shoot.





Watch out for our next posts…

Monday, June 29, 2009

For some reasons, we couldn't post photos in our blog. Still trying to figure out the problem. Will post more of our events as soon as the problem is fixed. Thanks for your patience.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

1st Birthday - Anthony Gabriel Bernardo

Here we are still trying to catch up in our blog postings - just a couple more events from 2008 and then we're done.  Patience.  Patience.  Patience.  Thanks y' all.

For 2009, we'll post the more recent events and catch up on earlier ones.  Here's a follow up on the pre-birthday pictorial of Gab where he was giggling the entire time.

Here he is still at it.


Good morning, err, good evening, Gab.  Time to prepare for the Oscars J


This clapper says it all for party theme.


Getting ready.


The red carpet entrance (or more like to the side of it) J.


On to the paparazzi wall. 


Gab is turning one, take 1! Lights.  Camera...



DSC-0444-002 DSC-5256-027 WAR-4325-044 WAR-4390-050

With his leading ladies.


Delighted [fans ;-) and] friends.

DSC-5140-018 WAR-4328-046

Highlights of the glamorous night.

DSC-5201-021 DSC-5215-024 

Daddy giving the acceptance speech (Gab still can't talk much-  hahahaha) and expressing gratitude for a well-attended celebration.  


More paparazzi photos here J